• Targeting Discerning Buyers
  • Disciplined Acquisition Process
  • Focused Investment Strategy
  • Proven Track Record for Renovations

Small-to-Medium properties

Locating small-to-medium properties that typically fall below the radar of most institutional investors, but are too large for smaller local private investors.

Purchasing Foreclosures

Purchasing at wholesale prices via foreclosure auctions or mortgage notes in foreclosures. Purchase below-market value. 

Single family & Multifamily townhomes & condo-conversions

We specialise in single and multifamily townhomes & condo-conversions in need of complete redevelopment and perform high end renovations. Consistent strong demand for these types of properties pushes prices up, increasing profit margins. 


Comprehensive Regional Analysis

We specialize in market research and analytics specific not just to Brooklyn inventory, but honing in on neighborhoods within Brooklyn. Knowledge of the neighborhoods and area allows us to better identify lucrative inventory and each individual investment’s feasibility. 

Economies of Scale

Our New York Properties are all located in the Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights neighborhoods; which are next to each other. We are able to work multiple properties simultaneously, maximizing on labor and materials. 


Owner managed

Our performance is reinforced by meaningful alignment with a close-knit team with owner management on every level and in every aspect. This ensures accountability and partnership.

In-house construction management 

We are in the business of taking the guesswork out of investment opportunities by both performing all of the market research and analytics to determine an investment’s feasibility, as well as managing every aspect of the renovations to bring the property to market.


We are not buying to make profits by capital appreciation alone

Instead of purchasing for rental income and hoping on market appreciation over the long-term, we are purchasing at auction prices and renovating to add immediate value. We still reap great profits because of the low purchase prices and high resale prices. We take into account leverage and risk to calculate equity returns. The numbers speak for themselves.

Our shorter renovation timelines allow for greater capital returns 

Unlike large-scale developers dealing with long-term architectural design problems and wrangling with the NY Department of Building, our mid-sized projects allow us to renovate on shorter time schedules and at lower costs. 


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